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Social and League Games

When and Where

Thrill Hill Disc Golf Course: Every Tuesday, 7:00pm;First Tuesday of May (May 3) through the last Tuesday of September (Sept. 27). Two games will also be played on Saturdays in September.

League Rules
Buy In
Any player can play a casual round at no charge; however, GPDGC members have the option of participating in the League Game one of two ways. They can:



All league pot buy-ins will go towards payout at the end of the season. It will be divided as follows:

Other Rules

Ace Pot
Ace Pot is for members only. A player receives money from the Ace Pot if they hit an ace on their first throw on a hole during a league round in which they paid to the Ace Pot. If more than one eligible player hits an ace during the same game, all that hit an ace split the pot proportionally to the number of aces each hit. At the end of the season, up to $25 from the Ace Pot will be carried over to the following year; any funds above $25 will be put into the GPDGC spending account.

CTP is for members who buy in only. The first group to tee off will receive a marking flag to be used on a designated hole. The player in this group which is closest to the pin on the designated hole writes his or her name on the flag and places it on the front edge of their disc. Players from subsequent groups who are closer to the pin move the flag to their disc, crosses out the old name, and adds their own. The last group collects the flag as they conclude that hole. Whoever is CTP gets the entire night’s CTP pot ($1/player entered). Some holes are designated “CTP in Two,” which means the second throw is the one counted as CTP.

Playing Group Sizes/Composition
To maintain speed of play, groups will be 3-4 players. The only exception is if exactly 5 players are participating: then everyone will play in one group. If a player arrives late and all groups have 4 players, the late player will be unable to join a group (even to play “just for fun”).

In general, groups will be selected randomly. However, the coordinator can reassign groups if there is good reason (ex: to spread out the new players for speed of play, to put a new player with the person who brought them, etc…)

Late Arrivals
We start promptly at 7:00pm. If you arrive late, you may miss out!